The phonemic approach is recognised as one of the most effective ways to teach spelling and reading skills.


 What is the Sounds in Focus phonemic approach?

The Sounds in Focus phonemic approach uses a sound-to-letter strategy which acknowledges that sounds can be represented more than one way in written form. This synthetic phonics approach focuses first on the basic units of sound in our language – phonemes. It then explores the letters that represent these sounds and how they can be put together to form written words.




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More than rote learning

Sounds in Focus enhances learning with strategies for reading, writing and spelling. This way your pupils will gain a deeper understanding of how words are structured.





More than just spelling

As well as turning your pupils into super spellers, Sounds in Focus covers the key language concepts they’ll need to become highly literate. These concepts, including prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek roots, synonyms, homophones and more, are woven into the Pupil Book activities for each sound unit.



Differentiation for all pupils

Sounds in Focus activities and List Words are graded from easy to difficult, creating real differentiation opportunities for all pupils in your classroom.





Ideal for multi-age classrooms

The Sounds in Focus programme has been structured to assist teachers with multi-age classrooms. For example, each Sound Unit is on the same page in Pupil Books 1 to 6. Teachers can teach the focus sound to the whole class then direct pupils to work on the same Sound Unit, but with words and concepts appropriate to their level, making classroom management easy.

All learning types covered

Whether your pupils are visual, aural or kinesthetic learners, Sounds in Focus has a wide range of activities and resources that allow you to explore sounds in a variety of ways. You can bring your class to life with charts, flash cards, and more.


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