Star Wars in the Classroom

Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Is May the 4th your national holiday? Are you desperately trying to figure out how to bring your favourite movie into your classroom? Fear not, for we DO have the droids, I mean tips you’re looking for.

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  1. Language and Comprehension

Yoda speaks a very distinguishable language and uses a unique sentence structure. In general, we use a subject-verb-object structure in our sentences. Yoda, however, uses an object-verb-subject structure; for example, ‘Truly wonderful the mind of a child is’, or our personal favourite ‘The greatest teacher, failure is’.

Not only could you ask your pupils to translate Yoda’s quotes, but examining Yoda speech could also help pupils decipher challenging syntax in Shakespeare. Yoda inverts his syntaxes, which is actually very common in poetry and Shakespearean literature.


2. Art

Ask your pupils to create their own Star Wars character. Include where their character lives, do they own a ship and what planet they are from.


3. Creative writingImage result for star wars creative writing

Once your pupils have created their character, why not ask them to create a story based on that character.


4. Science

Hold an open discussion around the science of space travel. Can something explode in space? Does an explosion make a sound in space?


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5. History and Family Trees

The Star Wars franchise spans numerous generations. Have you pupils discuss the timeline of the movies. Are they in chronological order? Why not discuss the history behind the Death Star. Ask you pupils to create the family tree of the main characters in Star Wars.





Happy May the Fourth!

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